Common Solar Energy Misconceptions

Misconceptions about Solar EnergyWorking in our industry and having frequent contact with customers and the general public, we have noticed that there’s quite a few misconceptions regarding solar energy that’s generally regarded as true.

Here are our top 5 misconceptions about solar energy:

1.       It’s only worthwhile in warm regions

Average temperature does not have much effect on solar panels. In fact, some cooler regions have better solar performance than warmer regions so it’s still possible to have enough sunlight and yield a good solar energy performance. Germany for example, which is not known for being particularly warm, is a leading country in the solar industry.

2.       I should wait until the technology advances

Solar technology has been around since the 60s and since it consists of basic materials and no moving parts, the technology has not advanced in the same was as computers, for example. Whilst scientists have been making progress on solar efficiency, the improvements are not enough to encourage waiting on new technology.

3.       Solar panels will damage my roof

The addition of solar panels may actually protect your roof from damaging UV rays. They are fitted to a mounting system and rails, so they never actually touch your roof. This makes it much easier if you need to remove your panels if you are moving home or repairing your roof.

4.       Solar panels require a lot of maintenance and are not robust 

As solar panels do not have any moving parts, there is no real requirement for extensive maintenance. Most manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty, but people often find that their solar panels last longer than this.

5.       It’s too expensive

The price of solar panels has been steadily dropping. With feed-in tariff incentives earning you money for energy fed back to the grid and government schemes such as the Green Deal, installing solar panels may not be as expensive as you think. You are always welcome to get in touch with us and we will source the most cost-effective solution.

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